What you will get

  • Having all the information pertaining to your favorite band.

  • Discover the effort and dedication necessary to succeed.

  • Knowing the human side, strengths and weaknesses of your idols.

  • Collaborate with non-profit foundation in the fight against childhood cancer.

I think that Edu knows more about Status Quo than me. It's an excellent book and I'm happy to have it in my personal collection.
Bob Young
Bob Young
Status Quo
I have read most of Status Quo's Biography as a fan and I can say that Edu's work is well documented and can be compared to the best ones, no doubt.
A great job and a Must for all the QUO fans.
Bruno Ponchon
Bruno Ponchon
President of Status Quo France
After reading this book, all of us at Quo will be remembered, for better or worse, for the things we have done or are supposed to have done, although I'm sure the truth is found out there in the middle.
Thanks Edu.
John Rhino
John "Rhino" Edwards
Status Quo

The Shona Smile Foundation

Your contribution to The Shona Smile Foundation

Pete Gill and Tracy Hodgkinson, fans of Status Quo, lost their daughter Shona, at the age of ten, because of a childhood cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma).

Motivated by this loss, they decided to create The Shona Smile Foundation to help other children, and their parents, affected by this disease.

A portion of the amount of the purchase of this book will be donated to the foundation to provide it with resources that will help them to continue their project.

This purchase makes you a CARING PERSON.

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In its more than 500 pages, the book contains information since the formation of the band until today, designed in a way that will provide:

  • Enjoyable reading.
  • Interesting anecdotes.
  • Table of contents for quick access to chapters.
  • Analysis of the discography.
  • Comprehensive and complete information of everything published by the band.
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The purchase of the ebook includes pdf, epub and mobi versions.

This way you may read it on any device, either Mac / PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle or any e-book reader.

Simply pick the favorite reading app on your device and immerse yourself in the life of Status Quo.


The Author

Eduard Soronellas was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1968. From his childhood he was influenced by the musical atmosphere reigning in his family, fact that inspired him to take his guitar and listening to all kinds of performers on the radio to discover, in 1978, the British band Status Quo.

Combining this early love with his education and other social and cultural concerns, found time enough to travel throughout Europe following "his" band, having witnessed so far, 66 of their concerts.

Currently performs as rhythm guitarist in the tribute band Powered by Quo Band.

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eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle versions.

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